Coursera Finance Courses

Business Essentials for Managers Specialization (Specialization Course)

Construction Management Specialization (Specialization Course)

Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovating within Corporations Specialization (Specialization Course)

Entrepreneurship: Launching an Innovative Business Specialization (Specialization Course)

Entrepreneurship Specialization (Specialization Course)

Finanzas corporativas Specialization (Specialization Course)

Foundations of Management Specialization (Specialization Course)

Investment Management Specialization (Specialization Course)

Финансовые инструменты для частного инвестора Specialization (Specialization Course)

Éxito Profesional Specialization (Specialization Course)

Business English: Finance and Economics (Common Course)

Construction Finance (Common Course)

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals (Common Course)

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (Common Course)

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals (Common Course)

Fundamentos de Finanzas Empresariales (Common Course)

Investments I: Fundamentals of Performance Evaluation (Common Course)

Keeping up with Change: Issues for the Finance Professional (Common Course)

Valuation: Alternative Methods (Common Course)

Wharton Business Foundations Capstone (Common Course)

Управление личными финансами (Common Course)

Wharton Entrepreneurship Capstone (Common Course)

Securing Investment Returns in the Long Run (Common Course)

Principles of Valuation: Risk and Return (Common Course)

Principles of Valuation: Time Value of Money (Common Course)

Planning your Client's Wealth over a 5-year Horizon (Common Course)

Finance for Managers (Common Course)

Inglés Empresarial: Finanzas y Economía (Common Course)

How to Finance and Grow Your Startup – Without VC (Common Course)

Global Financial Markets and Instruments (Common Course)

Gestión Empresarial Exitosa para Pymes (Common Course)

Financing and Investing in Infrastructure (Common Course)

Financial Markets (Common Course)

Entrepreneurship Capstone (Common Course)

Entrepreneurship 4: Financing and Profitability (Common Course)

Corporate Finance I: Measuring and Promoting Value Creation (Common Course)

Accounting Analytics (Common Course)

A prática da gestão de clubes e federações esportivas (Common Course)