Agile Leadership Capstone

Start Date: 10/18/2020

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In this course, you will apply the knowledge and tools gained in previous courses and "bring it all together".

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In this course, you will apply the knowledge and tools gained in previous courses and "bring it all together".

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Agile leadership The attributes associated with Agile Leadership are (from Iacocca & Witney and Wilkinson):
Agile leadership Agile Leadership is associated with mode four leaders (Modes of Leadership) who have the ability (and agility) to operate in any mode (system of thinking) and most importantly see from the perspectives of the other modes. It is this ability to think in a number of different ways that gives such leaders their agility. This is also introduced within the concepts of Agile Business Management as the primary management model for adaptive and agile organisations.
Agile leadership Within Agile Business Management, the primary job of an Agile Leader is to encourage and empower cross-functional teams. This demands that team members are granted sufficient personal responsibility, accountability and authority to deliver the customers’ requirements. An Agile Leader can support this in three ways:
Capstone Military Leadership Program Several “Senior Fellows” are assigned to each CAPSTONE class. Senior Fellows are retired four-star generals and admirals who volunteer to participate in the CAPSTONE program. They provide a unique dimension to the course. Their principal contribution lies in their day-to-day contact with CAPSTONE participants. Their breadth of experience, often gained in politically sensitive positions, qualifies them to serve as role models, to interpret international events and military issues, and to provide insights not readily available from other sources.
Capstone Publishers Capstone imprints contain fiction and nonfiction titles. Capstone also has digital products (myON, Capstone Interactive Library, CapstoneKids FactHound and PebbleGo) and services (CollectionWiz and Library Processing).
Capstone Military Leadership Program The Goldwater-Nichols Defense Reorganization Act of 1986 made CAPSTONE mandatory for all newly selected generals and admirals. Subsection 663(a) of the Act titled “Capstone Course for New Generals and Flag Officers,” specifically required that “Each officer selected for promotion to the grade of brigadier general or, in the case of Navy, rear admiral (lower half) shall be required, after such selection, to attend a military education course designed specifically to prepare new generals and flag officers to work with the other armed forces.” In 1987, the number of CAPSTONE courses was increased to four per year to satisfy the statutory requirement.
Capstone Military Leadership Program All presentations and discussions at CAPSTONE are covered by the National Defense University’s non-attribution policy. As a result of this policy, nothing a speaker says during a class session will be attributed to the speaker directly or indirectly in the presence of anyone who was not authorized to attend the lecture. This policy is morally binding on everyone who participates in the CAPSTONE program.
Capstone Military Leadership Program CAPSTONE is a joint service professional military education courses for newly promoted brigadier generals and rear admirals serving in the United States military. The National Defense University conducts the CAPSTONE course at Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, DC. The course objective is to ensure senior military leaders understand how military forces and other elements of national power are integrated and used to support national military strategies, and how joint, interagency, and multinational operations support strategic national objectives.
Capstone Program Capstone worked with the WAAS program office to help provide the WAAS signal to the Phase II Capstone equipment. Certification and initial installations of Capstone Phase II WAAS avionics took place in 2002.
AP Capstone The pilot predecessor to the current AP Capstone program, the AP|Cambridge Capstone Program, was initially offered in 17 high schools worldwide. With the launch of the full AP Capstone by the College Board in fall 2014, the program has expanded to now being offered in 136 schools. Over 100 colleges and universities support the AP Capstone program.
Capstone course A capstone course, also known as capstone unit serves as the culminating and usually integrative experience of an educational program. A capstone course, unit, module or subject in the higher education context may also be referred to as a capstone experience, senior seminar (in the U.S.), or final year project or dissertation (more common in the U.K.).
Capstone Publishers Capstone is a publisher of children’s books and digital products. Capstone focuses on the educational market. They also sell to the trade market and internationally. Capstone publishes nonfiction, fiction, picture books, interactive books, audio books, literacy programs, and digital media. Imprints and divisions include Capstone Press, Compass Point Books, Picture Window Books, Stone Arch Books, Red Brick Learning, Capstone Digital, Heinemann-Raintree and Switch Press. Capstone acquired the assets of Heinemann-Raintree library reference from Pearson Education in 2008. Heinemann-Raintree has offices in Chicago and Oxford, England. Capstone is based in Mankato, Minnesota, with additional offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Oxford. Capstone is part of Coughlan Companies, Inc. Coughlan Companies also includes Jordan Sands, a limestone quarry, and fabrication facility.
Capstone Military Leadership Program The course requires intensive personal involvement on the part of each CAPSTONE Fellow through participation in seminars, field trips, discussions, and the current issues exercise. There are many opportunities for each Fellow to share expertise and experiences with other participants. The CAPSTONE course does not include formal writing or research assignments. The amount of required readings is modest and is used to highlight key issues and prepare participants for indepth discussions. After their overseas field study, Fellows do prepare a trip report that captures their findings.
Capstone Program To document the results, Capstone enlisted the help of the University of Alaska at Anchorage (UAA) and the MITRE Corporation. The university documented a baseline of current operations and tracked, evaluated and documented the improvements as they occurred. UAA also provided crew training on the Capstone avionics equipment. The initial results showed a 40 percent reduction in accidents had resulted from the Capstone Program.
Capstone Military Leadership Program During the course CAPSTONE Fellows analyze the national security policy process. They discuss joint doctrine and joint operational concepts. They study joint, interagency, and multinational capabilities, and discuss how these capabilities are best integrated to accomplish United States national security objectives. They discuss strategies for conduction joint and combined operations within modern theater battle space. They access the impact of defense acquisition programs and their implications for enhancing joint military capabilities. The course also analyzes the relationship between the military services, Department of Defense agencies, other cabinet-level departments, the National Security Council, Congress, the media, and the American public. The JCS Chairman annually reviews and approve the capstone curriculum.
Capstone Development Capstone Development LLC is a privately held real estate development company based in Washington, D.C., in the United States. It was formed in 2009. As of January 2013, it owned six hotels along the East Coast and in the Deep South. The company has two subsidiaries. Capstone Management Services provides hotel management services, and Capstone Procurement provides food service and janitorial supplies for hotels.
AP Capstone AP Capstone is a new pilot program developed by the College Board. It consists of a two-year high school program and two new courses: the AP Seminar and the AP Research courses. Students who successfully complete the program and obtain scores of 3 or higher on at least four other AP exams receive either an AP Capstone Diploma or an AP Capstone Certificate.
Capstone Program Within Alaska, Capstone linked several initiatives to coordinate between the FAA, community, and industry. Capstone outlined the process and scope for upgrading the operating infrastructure with airports, weather products, communications, and GPS-driven systems.
Capstone Development Capstone Development has several projects which are already finished or under construction. These include the following:
Capstone Program In 2006, the FAA integrated the Alaskan Capstone project into the national Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS–B) program.