Criação de Startups: Como desenvolver negócios inovadores

Start Date: 08/09/2020

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Esse é um curso introdutório sobre criação de startups, ele é composto por aulas teóricas que abordam métodos como Customer Development e Lean Startup, e aulas práticas com empreendedores das maiores startups brasileiras compartilhando suas experiências sobre o assunto. Neste curso serão abordados os seguintes temas: 1) Comportamento de um empreendedor 2) Como analisar e explorar o mercado para a sua ideia 3) Como interagir e entender o usuário 4) como validar a sua ideia 5) tópicos em marketing digital, operações, produto, investimentos e ecossistema Ao final desse curso, esperamos que você esteja familiarizado com os principais conceitos e metodologias de criação de startups. Para melhorar o seu aprendizado, trabalhe com uma ideia ou um projeto e tente trabalhar nas entregas opcionais ao final de cada módulo. Não deixe de ver as perguntas frequentes antes de se inscrever Conheça os nossos outros cursos: - UX / UI: Fundamentos para o design de interface - Marketing Digital - Inove na gestão de equipes e negócios: o crescimento da empresa - Marketing e vendas B2B: fechando novos negócios - Consolidando empresas: Estrutura jurídica e financeira

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Nesta semana, você será introduzido aos seguintes tópicos: (i) traços do empreendedor, formação, alinhamento e cuidados ao formar um time para a criação de uma startup, (ii) compreender e analisar o seu mercado e (iii) modelo de negócios. Nas aulas contamos com as participações de Gabriel Yamate da e Miguel Chaves.

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Esse é um curso introdutório sobre criação de startups, ele é composto por aulas teóricas que aborda

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Marketing Business Strategy Entrepreneurship Strategic Management Lean Startup

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Blue Startups Blue Startups was given $200,000 in Hawaiian taxpayer money at first, and later had taken in an approximate total of $1.7 million. The state of Hawaii requires matching funds, so Blue Startups has received approximately the same amount in private investments. The tax funding was given to Blue Startups as well as two other Hawaii-based startups by the Hawaii Strategic Development Corp.'s Launch Akamai Venture Accelerator program.
Jornal de Negócios "Jornal de Negócios" is owned by Cofina and is based in Lisbon. Its sister newspaper is "Correio da Manhã", also owned by Cofina. Both papers are published in tabloid format. The publisher of "Jornal de Negócios" is Mediafin-Sociedade Editora.
Blue Startups Forbes Magazine listed Blue Startups as the 17th best startup accelerator in 2015. Blue Startups appeared on a list of the top 20 "America's top tech accelerators" by The Seed Accelerator Rankings Project, and was selected by Yael Hochberg, Susan Cohen, and Dan Fehder. The company ranked at number 17. It was selected among "150 accelerators, fixed-term, cohort-based programs." An editor for CNNMoney named Hawaii one of the top 10 most entrepreneurial states. In this article, the author cited companies like Blue Startups as an example of companies who are "mentoring an expanding network of Internet, software, mobile, and e-commerce firms." The company's services are valued at more than $500,000. "Pacific Business News" editor Stephanie Silverstein noted that while two other startup companies were having difficulties with money and management, Blue Startups was "off to a strong start." Brandon Bennett, CEO of Happy Hour Pal (one of the companies accepted into Blue Startups through its cohort program), praised Blue Startups for being accommodating to his company and noted that the business atmosphere between him and other startup owners was good. Sagely, one of the companies from Blue Startups' fourth cohort, stated that "the opportunities offered by Blue Startups would be impossible to do on your own." Blue Startups' first three cohorts, as of July 22, 2014, have managed to raise more than $6 million in investment capital. Business owner Arben Kryeziu seemed to have an "adamant" desire to fund companies that came out of Blue Startups' cohort programs, as noted by author Evan Nagle. Kryeziu noted that his business, which is similar to Blue Startups, will exist in the area to add to the Hawaiian startup efforts rather than compete in it.
500 Startups 500 Startups has several funds focused on different international regions or operational verticals.
Sandbox Startups Sandbox Startups follows a program workflow that spans from applying to the program with a business idea to the eventual goal of growing a venture that an incubatee has created with the support of the program. In between this workflow, startups are given the opportunity to build prototypes, develop their businesses, gain access to mentors, and meet potential investors. Given its record, the incubator supported over 200 ideas while incubating over 50 startups in its lifetime.
Banco Português de Negócios BPN - Banco Português De Negócios, S.A. was founded in 1993 and was based in Lisbon.
500 Startups 500 Startups is an early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator founded by Dave McClure and Christine Tsai in 2010. The fund admitted a first "class" of twelve startups to its incubator office in Mountain View, California in February, 2011. They expanded to a second class of 21 in June 2011 and a third class of 34 in October 2011.
Jornal de Negócios Jornal de Negócios (meaning "Business Newspaper" in English) is a Portuguese language business newspaper published in Lisbon, Portugal.
Sandbox Startups In July 2016, Sandbox Startups inaugurated a new incubation centre in the city of Belgaum, Karnataka. In partnership with the Karnatak Law Society's Institute of Management Education and Research (KLS IMER), the new Sandbox-IMER incubation centre welcomed four new startups into the program. A "Pitch Your Idea Belagavi" event was also scheduled as its first major function in August 2016.
Sandbox Startups Sandbox Startups, formerly known as the Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) program, is a business incubator based in Hubli, Karnataka, India. Started as an initiative by the Deshpande Foundation in 2008, and later re-branded as its present name in 2014, the organisation seeks to create an ecosystem in the region that supports entrepreneurship while providing the necessary resources needed to turn business ideas into successful ventures. The incubator also offers assistance to startups in smaller tier-2 and tier-3 cities, allowing them to have an equal level of support with startups in larger cities across India.
Blue Startups As of August 29, 2014, Blue Startups has 23 companies in its portfolio and has awarded these companies with $600,000 in "seed and additional capital."
German Startups Group German Startups Group Berlin GmbH & Co. KGaA is an entrepreneurial holding company that supports the set-up, development, funding, and – at the appropriate time – exit of young growth companies by providing them with business expertise and capital to create shareholder value. Since the second half of 2013, German Startups Group also engages in acquiring secondary shares from founders and business angels. German Startups Group was founded by Christoph Gerlinger in May 2012. The operating business was launched in June 2012, and the public release was on 27 July 2012. In July 2014, Nikolas Samios joined German Startups Group Chief Investment Officer.
Sandbox Startups In December 2014, the organisation announced the opening of applications to its Incubation Program, stating that it would commence the program on March 1, 2015. 30 startups were to be selected at its incubation centres in Hubli and Nizamabad, Telangana
Blue Startups Blue Startups received over 100 applications and selected seven companies to participate in its first cohort. The second session received more than 200 applications and seven were chosen to participate in the 13-week program. On January January 6, 2014, the company announced that it was seeking applicants for its third cohort. Applications were accepted from January 6 to February 1, 2014, and the event took place on from March 17 to June 6, 2014. It was announced on April 2, 2014 that the candidates for the third cohort of startups had been chosen. Another demo even was hosted by Blue Startups in conjunction with Energy Excelerator called "Startup Paradise Demo Day." It was scheduled on June 13, 2014, and it was hosted at Iolani School's Seto Hall and Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership. By the end of the third cohort in October 2014, the 23 graduating companies raised over $6 million of follow-on investments from private investors. Blue Startups announced its fourth cohort of startups on July 22, 2014. It hosted an informational session for interested parties on July 29, 2014, and set a cut-off date of August 15, 2014. This particular event had Blue Startups seeking companies that have a "health care technology focus." Despite the deadline passing, Blue Startups allowed companies to continue submitting applications for the event. The event was a collaboration between the company and Hawaii's online health insurance exchange Hawaii Health Sector. The company held this fourth cohort during the Fall of 2014, where the company chose ten companies to participate. Applications for the company's fifth cohort event in Spring of 2015 began on December 1, 2014. During the company's Spring 2015 cohort event, it selected eight applicants out of a group of 300. The Spring 2015 program was designed with a focus on travel-based technology. The company that is selected by Blue Startups during the Spring event will be given mentorship by Michael Troy, who works in the tourism industry. Blue Startups' portfolio includes 36 investments. A total of five cohort selections have been completed as of March 2015. Below is a list of portfolio companies:
List of MACH37 startups The following startups have been through the Mach 37 accelerator. Since the Fall 2013 program, 40 companies have participated
Blue Startups Blue Startups runs a bi-annual cohort program which focuses on developing "capital-efficient and scalable-technology companies." These companies vary between Internet, software, mobile, gaming, and e-commerce companies. The majority of the three-month-long program offered by Blue Startups takes place in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, with a one-week follow-up in Silicon Valley, California. The mentoring cohorts occur twice per year, with up to 10 companies accepted into each session. Each company that participates in a cohort receives a seed investment, office space, a 3-month program consisting of entrepreneurial training, and more. Each participating company receives an initial investment of $20,000. The companies are each assigned personal mentors and meet at least once a week. In return, Blue Startups retains a 6% equity stake in each company. For a company to apply for a Blue Startups cohort, they must have two to four founders, with most of the team willing to live in Hawaii during the program. All companies must be incorporated as a C corp to be eligible. Teams are expected to work in the Blue Startups' space in downtown Honolulu for a minimum of five hours a day during the length of the cohort.
List of Startups in Pakistan This list includes the successful startups in Pakistan.
500 Startups In 2012, the organization acquired Mexican.VC, an accelerator in Mexico City, expecting to ramp up its investment in Mexico substantially. Through its investment in Alta Ventures, 500 Startups planned have better access to deal-flow in this region.
500 Startups 500 Startups has locations in Silicon Valley, Mexico City, Israel and San Francisco. In 2015, they announced they would be starting a three-month growth program in London, UK as well as a pre-accelerator in Oslo, Norway.
List of Y Combinator startups The following startups have completed the Y Combinator Accelerator program.