Impact from Digital Transformation: Full course

Start Date: 05/24/2020

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This course is about what you can do when everything around you seems to be moving due to digital change. It is about how to handle the disruptive process that tends to unfold in industry nowadays due to digitalisation. The way to handle this is what is here referred to as "Digital Transformation" and at the core of it, it is about understanding how the new business landscape is evolving and heading for a new position in that landscape. It is about corporate strategy.

Course Syllabus

A glimpse on what´s to come
The Why, the How and the What of Digital Transformation
A useful model for handling it
Not just handling, but doing, Digital Transformation
Ones we are moving again
When here, you might be the only one that can find this treasure

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Course Introduction

Impact from Digital Transformation: Full course content and certification In this first class in the Digital Transformation Specialization you will learn the importance of full stack transmedia storytelling, how to get your brand, identity and story across in an immersive and multi-platform way, and how to position yourself and your product or service in the digital mix. This class is for those who want to understand: What full stack transmedia storytelling is and what types of content can be handled on a single platform How to position your product or service in the digital mix by leveraging different platforms How to position your brand and product or service in the digital mix by leveraging different platforms and technologies How to position your product or service in the digital mix by leveraging different platforms and technologies This is the first class in the Digital Transformation Specialization that focuses on *Real World* challenges faced in the transition from paper to digital. If you are interested in this specialization and the entire Digital Transformation Specialization, the Digital Transformation Team would like to invite you to take a look at our portfolio site: As part of this course we have brought together a small group of lecturers and researchers from University of Vienna, School of Education, into a Digital Transformation Expert Centre (DTC), who will be your guides throughout the course. The course is intended to give you a new perspective on full stack transmedia teaching

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Digital transformation Digital transformation may be thought of as the third stage of embracing digital technologies: digital competence → digital usage → digital transformation, with usage and transformative ability informing digital literacy. The transformation stage means that digital usages inherently enable new types of innovation and creativity in a particular domain, rather than simply enhance and support the traditional methods. In a narrower sense, "digital transformation" may refer to the concept of "going paperless" and affects both individual businesses and whole segments of the society, such as government, mass communications, art, medicine, and science.
Digital transformation Digital transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society.
Digital transformation The study defined an "effective digital transformation program" as one that addressed
Digital transformation Digitization is a sub-process of a much larger technological progress (see below): digitization ("the conversion"), digitalization ("the process") and the digital transformation ("the effect") that are collectively accelerating the global and societal transformation process.
Digital transformation When planning for digital transformation, organizations must factor the cultural changes they'll confront as workers and organizational leaders adjust to adopting and relying on unfamiliar technologies. Digital transformation has created unique marketplace challenges and opportunities, as organizations must contend with nimble competitors who take advantage of the low barrier to entry that technology provides.
Digital transformation In November 2011, a three-year study conducted by the MIT Center for Digital Business and Capgemini Consulting concluded that only one-third of companies globally have an effective digital transformation program in place.
Full Impact Full Impact was a spreadsheet program for the Apple Macintosh computer released by Ashton-Tate in the late 1980s. Full Impact was known for excellent graphing and visual display, far better than contemporary versions of Microsoft Excel. But this was also its only really compelling feature, and it was unable to find a market niche given the dominance of Excel in the Macintosh marketplace.
Digital Impact Awards Africa Winners of the 2nd DIGITAL IMPACT AWARDS AFRICA (DIAA)
Full Impact Sales of Full Impact were predictably soft as a result, as were Ashton-Tate's other Mac products, FullWrite Professional and dBASE Mac, which suffered from various problems. Ashton-Tate didn't take this as a signal to fix them, and instead ignored all of the products for the next year or so. Finally, in late 1989, a round of upgrades to FullWrite and Full Impact were announced. Full Impact 2.0s was released in 1990, including 3-D charts and the ability to include voice notes, a major feature of a coincident release of FullWrite 1.5s as well. A separate release in 1989 added Clear Access at $99, a 3rd party database linking technology based on Apple's CL/1.
Digital transformation Digitization (the conversion), digitalization (the process) and the digital transformation (the effect) therefore accelerate and illuminate the already existing and ongoing horizontal and global processes of change in society.
Digital Impact Awards Africa Digital Impact Awards Africa is organized by HiPipo in partnership with Cyberplc and Global Networks Limited.
Full Impact With the lawsuit out of the way, the product finally started shipping in August 1988, with the new name Full Impact. A minor upgrade, 1.1, followed in December. Reviews were generally positive, noting in particular how the system allowed you to have up to eight "subsheets" within any document. This feature is common today, but at the time it was considered novel and extremely useful. Full Impact was also one of the first spreadsheets to allow typing data and formulas directly into the cells, a feature that is still fairly poorly implemented today. Reviewers were also pleased with the powerful macro language, which included functionality such WHILE loops. But certainly the most lauded feature was that Full Impact allowed you to include other objects, such as text blocks, charts or pictures, directly on top of the sheets. At the time, most spreadsheets displayed these items in separate views.
Full course dinner A full course dinner is a dinner consisting of multiple dishes, or "courses". In its simplest form, it can consist of three or four courses, such as appetizers, fish course, entrée, main course and dessert.
Full Impact Pro Full Impact Pro defines a "Triple Crown" winner as someone who has held every championship in Full Impact Pro at some point in their career. To date only one wrestler has won the FIP Triple Crown, Erick Stevens, achieving it when he won the FIP Florida Heritage Championship on December 20, 2008.
Transformation semigroup The set of all transformations of "X" is a transformation monoid called the full transformation monoid (or semigroup) of "X". It is also called the symmetric semigroup of "X" and is denoted by "T". Thus a transformation semigroup (or monoid) is just a subsemigroup (or submonoid) of the full transformation monoid of "X". The full transformation monoid is a regular semigroup.
Digital Impact Awards Africa Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) is a platform that promotes Digital inclusion, financial inclusion and Cybersecurity under the theme "Maximizing the Digital Dividend". The Awards seek to recognize and appreciate different organizations that are spearheading the use of digital mediums in this respect.
Digital transformation Finally, digital transformation is described as "the total and overall societal "effect" of digitalization". Digitization has enabled the process of digitalization, which resulted in stronger opportunities to transform and change existing business models, socio-economic structures, legal and policy measures, organizational patterns, cultural barriers, etc.
Full Impact By 1991, the company was becoming insolvent and was purchased by Borland for cents on the dollar. Unfortunately, Borland had their own spreadsheet battling with Excel on Windows, Quattro Pro, and they immediately ended sales of Full Impact. Attempts by the authors to take back the product failed, and it disappeared.
Digital transformation In 2000, digitalization began to be used more widely as a concept and argument for an overall governmental introduction of IT, increased usage of internet and IT on all levels. A similar development began in the general business climate in order to raise awareness regarding the issue and opportunity. In the EU for instance, an initiative called the Digital Single Market was developed, with recommendations for national digital agendas in the EU, which gradually and positively should contribute to the future societal transformation, with more modern development of communities, structures and to create a basis for e-governance and information society.