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課程簡介: 本課程以崑曲的歷史文化、文學、音樂、表演、美學為核心主題,透過學者與表演藝術家的解說示範,提昇學生對中國傳統文化、古典文學與表演藝術之鑑賞能力。 (An English version

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Four Great Characteristic Melodies Kunqiang (腔), also known as Kunshanqiang (山腔), or Kunqu () was listed as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001.
Mike He 3.〈心中的花園〉樂。加油插 (lit. A Heart's Garden)
Kunlun Mountain (mythology) The Chinese name "Kunlun" 崙 (or 崐崘) is written with characters combining the "mountain radical" 山 with phonetics of "kun" 昆 and "lun" 侖. Alternate names for "Kunlun shan" include Kunling 陵 (with "hill") and Kunqiu 丘 (with "mound").
Penghu National Scenic Area 人兮百壁姿,抱貞拒絕兮死隨
HC Kunlun Red Star HC Kunlun Red Star (Simplified Chinese: 北京昆仑红星 or 昆仑红星, Traditional Chinese: 北京崙紅星 or 崙紅星, Pinyin: Běijīng Kūnlún Hóngxīng or Kūnlún Hóngxīng) is a Chinese ice hockey club that joined the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) prior to the 2016–17 season.
2010 Shanghai Expo opening ceremony First music piece was "China welcomes you" (中国欢迎你) accompanied by Spring Festival Overture. First music of that piece was "Civilization" (文明光), followed by "Better City, Better Life" (城市,让生活更好), followed by "Urban Rhapsody" (都市协奏). In this part was included the track "The Dragon" composed by Vangelis in his conceptual album China
Huaxia According to the "Zuo Zhuan", "xia" ()—which has the meaning of "grand"—was used to signify the ceremonial etiquette of China, while "hua" ()—as it means "illustrious"—was used in reference to the beautiful clothing that the upper class wore (中國有禮儀大,故稱夏;有服章,謂華).
Genesis (S.H.E album) The track "麗新世界" (Genesis) is listed at number 24 on Hit Fm Taiwan's "Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart" (Hit-Fm年度百首單) for 2002.
Su Sen-yong 青春舞 (Dance of Youth), 謊歌 (Song about a Lie), 春曉 (Spring Dawn), 只要你早回家 (Only If You Return Home Early), 愁 (Sorrow), 日月潭 (Sun Moon Lake), 谷關夜, 西湖秋泛, 征, 彎彎的垂柳青青的山
Guts of Man Guts of Man (Traditional Chinese: 肝膽崙), also called Courageous Kunlun, was a Hong Kong TVB costume action series produced by Tommy Leung Choi Yuen. 20 episodes were produced for the series in 2004.
Minosuke Hiroe Minosuke Hiroe ( 廣江助; 7 June 1914 – 12 January 2000) was a Japanese botanist. His main works are on the Umbelliferae, from which family he described many new species. His work has been criticized by Lincoln Constance.
Heritage of Xiguan 陳氏書院是全國重點文物保護單位,1996年被評為"廣州十大旅遊景"首。
The Peach Blossom Fan Su Kunsheng (T: 蘇生, S: 苏昆生, P: "Sū Kūnshēng", W: "Su K'un-sheng"), Li Xiangjun's singing teacher - Su Kunsheng asks Li Xiangjun to perform "The Peony Pavilion".
H. K. Yang Yang Hsi-kun (楊西, 1910–2000), also spelled Yang Hsi-kung and better known as H. K. Yang, was a diplomat of the Republic of China on Taiwan.
Nine Songs Children's Literature Award 121 works considered by judges: Ling Xingjie 凌性傑、Xu Jiankun 許建、Zhang Gui’e 張桂娥、Huang Qiufang 黃秋芳、Huang Cuihua 黃翠華
K One K One fourth year anniversary. Their album Beautiful Commemoration 好 紀念日 came out in their anniversary month, October. Wingman first CD, Wingman 2007 翼星 2007, came out with all their singers in it and former 55666 member Rio Peng, the boss. Also their single The King's Way 王道 came out in November. JR acts in Kendo Love 劍道愛 with Evan Yo and Yang Ya Zhu 杨雅筑. Darren acts in a movie, Island Etude 练习, with Tung Ming Hsiang.
Zhongyuan Yinyun Zhou regarded the principal works of the Four Great Yuan Playwrights (元四大家 "Yuanqu si dajia") as foundational to verse in general; he considered their works to be "rimes joined with nature, words able to connect with the language of the world" (韻共守自然音,字能通天下語), and at the same time also distinguished where the playwrights used rimes in non-standard places.
Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga 『ランティス組 feat.Nico Nico Artists』も 「組『ニコニコ動画』」
Still Fantasy The tracks, "千里外" (Faraway), "聽媽媽的話" (Listen to Mother's Words) and "白色風車" (White Windmill) are listed at number 2, 8 and 53 respectively on Hit Fm Taiwan's "Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart" (Hit-Fm年度百首單) for 2006.
List of The X-Family characters Her father sometimes calls her "Mei Mei" ( - meaning beautiful) or "Mei Mei" (妹妹 - meaning little sister).