Developing Your Musicianship: Final Project

Start Date: 02/23/2020

Course Type: Common Course

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This course will guide you through the final project for the Developing Your Musicianship Specialization. This course will continue to help you apply the musical concepts you learned throughout the specialization, enabling you to create and perform a 36-measure composition. Taught by Berklee College of Music professor George W. Russell, Jr., the course includes four videos in which George models each stage of the project. Through peer feedback and discussion, practice, and applying what you’ve learned, this final project will hone your skills as a musician.

Course Syllabus

This week, we will work on composing and performing the first A section for our project. We will also do a short review of the popular chord progressions we learned about throughout this specialization. If you need help or feel stumped, reach out to your classmates for help!

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Developing Your Musicianship: Final Project In this course you will develop the final project as a full-fledged musician. You will have the opportunity to take your skills from the previous courses in the series: the Beginner Lessons, to solo practice, to preparing for a concert. All along, you will use your newly earned skills to take your playing to the next level. You will help your acoustic or electric guitar teacher, Peter Kengor, to compose a simple yet effective instrument. You will also learn to improvise throughout the lessons. You will have the opportunity to share your experience through the Graded Assignments and the Individual Lessons. As you work through the projects, you will complete a small task to help you master the material learned. This will prepare you for the final project. Once you have a basic understanding of the music and skills, you will move on to the next course in the series, which is Understanding Strings. You will learn how to work with strings and you will learn how to use fingerings. You will also learn how to solo and play acoustic. There are easy projects that will take you through all the lessons. You will have lots of opportunities to practice and get to know the material. Once again, we have brought on many of the most respected musicians in the world of music, including Joe Satriani, Bruce Hornsby, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Sting, Peter, and many more. We have put them on the spot and told

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