Building Your Career in Music: Developing A Brand and Funding Your Music

Start Date: 08/16/2020

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This course shares practical tips and strategies to help you take your first step into launching your career as a musical artist. We’ll cover everything from developing your unique identity as an artist and how to lead a band all the way to planning and recording your first independent record with the help of crowdfunding. The course curriculum is modeled from the real-world experience of Leah Waldo (also known as the emerging country artist, Elisa Smith) and features interviews with industry executives, artists, producers, and engineers — all designed to help you navigate the music industry.

Course Syllabus

In this lesson, we will begin to lay the foundation for who you are as an artist and a leader. We'll discuss the importance of having a strong sense of your identity, vision, and intention and we'll also how leverage your natural skills as a musician, like intuition and collaboration, to work for you as an entrepreneur. Finally, we'll discuss how to become a better band leader.

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Building Your Career in Music: Developing A Brand and Funding Your Music This course will introduce you to the essential elements of how musicians, songwriters, and engineers create music. You’ll learn the different elements of a song’s business plan, including writing, recording, marketing, and promotion. You’ll also learn the stages of a song’s development, including writing, recording, and touring. You’ll also learn the stages of songwriting, including writing, recording, and touring. You’ll also learn the stages of promoting music, including writing and touring. You’ll also learn the stages of money management, including writing and booking contracts, and the art of managing your talent. You’ll also learn the stages of managing a band, including writing and touring, and how to keep your vision for the band aligned with the production process. Learning Objectives This course will teach you to: write a song’s business plan, including writing, recording, and touring; negotiate contracts and licensing agreements; write and record a song’s music; and manage your band's financial and management aspects. Learning Outcomes After completing this course, you will be able to: write a song’s business plan, including writing, recording, and touring; negotiate contracts and licensing agreements; write and record a song’s music; and manage your band's financial and management aspects. Final Exam After taking this course, you

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