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毕业设计项目将综合5门课程所学知识,设计完成一个基于.Net平台的小型软件项目,以验证你是否具备了.Net应用程序开发的基本能力。 项目具体要求如下: 1. 该系统应该包括客户端和管理端; 2. 客

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List of township-level divisions of Shanxi Other: Yudu Economic and Technological Zone (禹都经济区)
Lubei District Tangshan New Technology Development Zone (唐山市高新区)
List of township-level divisions of Hebei Tangshan New Technology Development Zone (唐山市高新区)
Sihui The Zhaoqing High Technology Industrial Development Zone (肇庆高新区 and 肇庆国家高新区) is located in Sihui.
Type 517 Radar The system is manufactured by the Beijing Leiyin Electronic Technology Development Company (北京雷音电子有限公司).
Wuhan Vocational College of Software and Engineering WHVCSE was founded by combining two vocational colleges, Wuhan Vocational College of Software (武汉学院) and Wuhan Vocational College of Industry and Traffic (武汉工交职学院), in 2007.
Tibet Airlines The airline has its head office and its registered office in the Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone (S:拉萨市经济区, T: 拉薩市經濟術開發區, P: "Lāsà Shì Jīngjì Jìshù Kāifāqū"), in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China. It also has an office in Chengdu.
Xixi Campus, Zhejiang University It located in the urban Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and also in the newly founded Hangzhou Hi-tech Development Zone (杭州高新術開發區 / 杭州高新区). It's close to the Xixi River (西溪), so named after it.
Peking University Founder Technology College Peking University Founder Technology College (北京北大方正学院 Běijīng běidà fāngzhèng ruǎnjiàn jìshù xuéyuàn) is a General vocational institution; organized by the Beijing University Founder Group Corporation that has national recognition of educational qualifications of full-time courses.
DHY Morning Bird DHY Morning Bird (Chen-Niao, 晨鸟 in Chinese, abbreviated as CN) is a series of Chinese UAV developed by Beijing Dong-Hen-Yu (meaning Eastern Lasting Universe) Technology Development Center Co., Ltd. (DHY, 北京东恒宇中心). DHY is the number one camouflage net provider in China, and has recently ventured into UAV arena. Morning Bird is the result of such attempt and further development of follow-on models has already been made.
Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone Yantai Economic and Technological Development Area (YEDA) (烟经济区), is an economic development zone established in 1984 in Shandong Province, China. It is near the Yellow Sea coast, and administratively under Yantai Prefecture. It covers 228 km² and has a population of 400,000. Before its creation, most of the area were fishing villages. Now it is an industrial and famous tourist site in Shandong
Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone (沭阳经济区) is an area of the Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province, China. It is one of China National Economic and Technological Development Zones with an area of 24.5 km.
Tenfu Tea College Tenfu Tea College, now called, "Zhangzhou College of Science and Technology 漳州科学院", is the world's first private vocational college to specialize in the study of the tea industry. It is situated in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China, Degrees in the following disciplines are: Tea Production and Processing (茶叶生产加工), Market Prospection and Marketing (市场与营销), Food Processing (食品加工), Tea Culture (茶文化) and Tourism Management (旅游管理).
NET. NET. (Abbreviation of News and Entertainment Television) is a television station network in Indonesia, which was officially launched on the 26 May 2013. NET. replaces the terrestrial broadcast of Spacetoon Indonesia, which part of its shares have been taken over by Indika Group. In contrast with Spacetoon which its programs are aimed for kids, NET. programs are aimed for family and young viewers.
Diànzǐ Yóuxì Ruǎnjiàn Seven months later, in September 2012, the magazine re-opened with a different format and with an academic rather than entertainment focus on video games. This new iteration of the magazine was short-lived and two months later (in November 2012) the magazine was renamed Diànzǐ Jìshù yǔ Ruǎnjiàn Gōngchéng (电子工程; lit. "Electronic Technology and Software Engineering"), and its emphasis was shifted to non-game electronic hardware.
NET. On May 18, 2014 NET. celebrating its first anniversary, titled the NET. ONE (Indonesian Choice Awards 2014) by inviting various international musicians such as Far East Movement and Ne-Yo.
NET. On April 3, 2015, NET. officially became the main sponsor of the football club Persija Jakarta during the QNB League 2015. The following day, NET. was announced a major sponsor of Persib Bandung.
NET. On May 24, 2015, NET. celebrated its second anniversary and invited the international singer Demi Lovato & Karmin. On May 29, 2016, NET. celebrated its third anniversary and invited 3 international singers: Jessie J, Omi, & Dawin.
Chen Ziyuan From 1998 to present, Chen is a professor at Zhejiang University College of Agriculture and Biotechnology (浙江大学农与生物学院).
Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (深圳信息职学院) is a university located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Its current president is Zhang Jihong.