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Start Date: 06/02/2019

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The development of online education has brought opportunities and challenges for traditional teaching and learning. Nowadays it’s very important to learn about online education, which can help us study better and more easily. This course focuses on 5 themes: 1.interpreting online education 2.discussing why online education is needed 3.explaining the current status of online education in colleges and universities 4.predicting the future of online education, 5.sharing online education practices and experiences from a large number of excellent teachers

Course Syllabus

Chapter I What is Online Education?
Chapter II Why Should We Engage in Online Education?
Chapter III Online Education in Colleges and Universities
Chapter IV The Future of Online Education
Chapter V Case Studies for Teaching Online
Final Exam

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The development of online education has brought opportunities and challenges for traditional teaching and learning. Nowadays it’s very important to le

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