Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Exam 日本語版

Start Date: 05/31/2020

Course Type: Common Course

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コースより抜粋: 「最善の試験対策は職務に必要なスキルを身に付けることである」 このコースではトップダウン アプローチを用いて既知の知識とスキルを把握し、情報とスキルが不十分な分野を特定します。本コースを受講することにより、独自の対策計画を立てることができます。わかっていることとわからないことを明確にし、この職務の担当者に必要なスキルの習得と向上にお役立てください。 本コースでは試験ガイドの概要に沿って、受講者が特定の分野と関連する概念を十分に理解しているか、またはさらなる学習が必要かを判断できるように、「判断基準」となる概念を提示します。また、ケース分析、技術的に注意すべきポイントの特定、提案ソリューションの開発などの認知スキルを含む主要な職務スキルについて学び、実践する機会も用意されています。これらは職務スキルであると同時に試験スキルでもあります。また、アクティビティ トラッキング チャレンジラボを使って基礎能力もテストします。試験問題と同じような例題と解答も多数用意されており、コースの最後には採点式ではない模擬試験問題と、受験を想定した採点式の模擬試験問題が含まれています。

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Google Cloud Datastore Google Cloud Datastore (Cloud Datastore) is a highly scalable, fully managed NoSQL database service offered by Google on the Google Cloud Platform. Cloud Datastore is built upon Google's Bigtable and Megastore technology.
Google Cloud Dataproc Google Cloud Dataproc (Cloud Dataproc) is a cloud-based managed Spark and Hadoop service offered on Google Cloud Platform. Cloud Dataproc utilizes many Google Cloud Platform technologies such as Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage to offer fully managed clusters running popular data processing frameworks such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.
Google Cloud Dataproc Cloud Dataproc is a Platform as a service (PaaS) product designed to combine the Spark and Hadoop frameworks with many common cloud computing patterns. Cloud Dataproc separate compute and storage, which is a relatively common design for many cloud Hadoop offerings. Cloud Dataproc utilizes Google Compute Engine virtual machines for compute and Google Cloud Storage for file storage. Cloud Dataproc has a set of control and integration mechanisms that coordinate the lifecycle, management, and coordination of clusters. Cloud Dataproc is integrated with the YARN application manager to make managing and using clusters easier.
Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service by Google that offers hosting on the same supporting infrastructure that Google uses internally for end-user products like Google Search and YouTube. Cloud Platform provides developer products to build a range of programs from simple websites to complex applications.
Google Cloud Print Google Cloud Print integrates with the mobile versions of Gmail and Google Docs, allowing users to print from their mobile devices. Google Cloud Print is listed as a printer option in the Print Preview page of Google's Web browser, Google Chrome, in Chrome 16 and higher. "Legacy", also called "classic", printers (those without cloud printing capabilities) are supported through a "Cloud Print Connector" integrated with Google Chrome versions 9 and higher.
Google Cloud Print On July 23, 2013 Google updated the service to allow printing from any Windows application, if Google Cloud Printer is installed on the machine. Another new feature is Google Cloud Print Service, which can run as a Windows service so administrators can connect legacy printers to Google Cloud Print in their businesses.
Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform is a part of a suite of enterprise services from Google Cloud and provides a set of modular cloud-based services with a host of development tools. For example, hosting and computing, cloud storage, data storage, translations APIs and prediction APIs.
Google Cloud Print Google Cloud Print is a Google service that was created to allow any Cloud-Print-aware application (web, desktop, mobile) on any device in the network cloud to print to any printer – without Google having to create and maintain printing subsystems for all the hardware combinations of client devices and printers, and without the users having to install device drivers to the client, but with documents being fully transmitted to Google. Since July 23, 2013 it also allows printing from any Windows application, if Google Cloud Printer is installed on the machine.
HP Cloud A way to mitigate cloud migration difficulties is to architect applications for the cloud that reduce or eliminate the dependencies between the cloud application stack and the capabilities of the cloud service provider. Another way is to select only generic and higher-level applications to move to the cloud in the first place. Another method is to select open standards for cloud computing.
Google Cloud Connect Google Cloud Connect was a free cloud computing plug-in for Windows Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 that can automatically store and synchronize any Microsoft Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or Excel spreadsheet to Google Docs in Google Docs or Microsoft Office formats. The Google Doc copy is automatically updated each time the Microsoft Office document is saved. Microsoft Office documents can be edited offline and synchronized later when online. Google Cloud Sync maintains previous Microsoft Office document versions and allows multiple users to collaborate, working on the same document at the same time. Google Cloud Connect was discontinued on April 30, 2013, as according to Google, all of Cloud Connect's features are available through Google Drive.
Google Cloud Dataproc Cloud Dataproc includes many open source packages used for data processing, including items from the Spark and Hadoop ecosystem, and open source tools to connect these frameworks with other Google Cloud Platform products.
Google Cloud Print Applications can print through a web-based, common print dialog (web UI) or an API. The service then forwards the job to a printer registered to the service. Cloud Ready printers (which connect directly to the web and do not require a computer to set up) can directly connect to Google Cloud Print. As legacy ("classic") printers cannot accept input from a cloud service, Google Chrome 9 contained a "Cloud Print Connector" – which allows printers that are plugged into a Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, or Linux computer with Internet access to use Cloud Print while the connector is running in Google Chrome.
Cloud Sherpas Following the acquisition on October 20, 2015, Cloud Sherpas employees joined the Accenture Cloud First Applications team, which delivers cloud services for Google, NetSuite, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday and other “pure play” technologies.
IBM/Google Cloud Computing University Initiative IBM/Google Cloud Computing University Initiative was a 2009 project using the resources developed in 2007's IBM/Google Cloud Computing partnership. This initiative was to provide access to cloud computing for the universities of all countries.
Google Cloud Messaging The transition to Google Cloud Messaging was first announced when the Android service was unveiled on June 27, 2012, at Google I/O. Shortly after announcing the Google Cloud Messaging service, Google published documentation to guide application developers with migrating from the C2DM and onto the new service. Migrating to the service required SDK and code changes, as well as a release of an application update to the publish repository (such as Google Play) for downloading and updating.
Google Cloud Print , Google Cloud Print allows users to share printers in a manner reminiscent of Google Docs.
Google Cloud Print Google introduced Cloud Print in April 2010, as a future solution for printing from Chrome OS. Then they made the design document and a preliminary version of the source code available. Google Cloud Print reached beta stage on 25 January 2011.
Google Cloud Print Printing through Google Cloud Print from any instance of Google Chrome was enabled in Google Chrome 16.
Cloud-to-cloud integration Another name for Cloud-to-Cloud Integration is Cloud-Surfing.
Cloud robotics Cloud-Based Robot Grasping with the Google Object Recognition Engine.