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List of awards and nominations received by Eason Chan !scope="row" rowspan="2"|SMASH Worldwide Stage Performance Award(Traditional/Chinese:勁爆舞台大獎/劲爆舞台大奖)
Cost per paper 高建国. 单篇文成本和国家自然科学基金资助模式探讨. 中国科技资源刊, 2012, 44(1): 90-95.
Join Network Studio of NENU The official website of Student Career Service Center of NENU (学就业指服务中心).
China Mobile (Chinese: 通, Hanyu Pinyin: "Quánqiútōng" Rough translation: "Global Connect"): subscription flagship brand
Derrick Hoh Global Chinese Music Awards 華語榜)年度20大金曲 2011
Japan High School Baseball Federation Together with the All Japan University Baseball Federation (財団法人日本大学野連盟 "zaidan hōjin zen-nihon daigaku yakyū renmei"), it makes up the Japan Student Baseball Association (日本学協会 "nihon gakusei yakyū kyōkai"). The name is often abbreviated to "Nihon Kōyaren" (日本高野連) or just "Kōyaren" (高野連).
Derrick Hoh Global Chinese Music Awards 華語榜)年度新加坡傑出歌手 2011
SAPPRFT's Opinions On Strengthening The Programme Management of Satellite Television Channels The policy had a great impact on those TV channels that had been focusing on producing entertainment programmes, among which included Hunan Television (湖南视), Dragon Television (東方视), Jiangsu Television (江苏视), Zhejiang Television (浙江视), Shenzhen Satellite TV (深圳视). Some of the programmes that had been planned needed to be suspended.
Health Sciences Authority The Health Sciences Authority (Abbreviation: HSA; Chinese: 科学局); Malay: "Penguasa Sains Kesihatan") is a statutory board under the Ministry of Health of the Singapore Government.
Zenshō-an Zenshō-an (庵) is a Buddhist Rinzai Zen temple, located in Taitō, Tokyo, Japan..
List of awards and nominations received by G.E.M Global Chinese Music Awards(音樂盛典) is a Mandopop ceremony hosted by CNR MusicRadio and Hit FM .
Hi Target UAV Hi Target UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by Guangzhou Zhong-Hai-Da Satellite Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. (Hi Target, 广州中海达航技术股份有限公司). Originally a provider of satellite navigation system and other associate systems such as software for various platforms, including UAVs, Hi Target has begun to produce UAVs for survey missions by jointly develop such UAVs with other Chinese UAV manufacturers.
China Music Awards The China Music Awards (Chinese:华语音乐榜中榜颁奖典礼), also known as CMA, is a Chinese music awards show, established by Channel [V] in 1994.
List of awards and nominations received by Bibi Zhou The China Music Awards (Chinese:华语音乐榜中榜颁奖典礼), also known as CMA, is a Chinese music awards show, established by Channel [V] in 1994.
Battle of Tianquan The Battle of Tianquan was a battle fought between the communists and the nationalists during the Chinese Civil War in the post World War II era and resulted in communist victory. It is also called "The Battle to Defend Tianquan" (Tianquan Baoweizhan, 天战) by the communists.
Honour and Passion The series's Chinese title ("宝家国" meaning "[The] Poh family defends the country") is a play on the idiom "保家国", which translates to "protecting one's country".
808 (album) 808 is Taiwanese Mandopop artist Wilber Pan's () eighth studio album. It was released by Universal Music Taiwan on 14 January 2011. A second edition, "808 (Limited Edition)" (CD+DVD) (808限量盤) was released on 11 February 2011 containing a bonus DVD with four music videos and "面通緝" (Totally Wanted) feature version (一刀未剪從[面通緝]電影版).
Xuanchuan Whether "xuanchuan" is translated as either "propaganda" or "propagandize" versus "publicity" or "publicize" depends upon the Chinese collocation and context, and the English semiotic connotations. For English and Chinese translation equivalent examples, "political propaganda" and "zhèngzhì xuānchuán" 政治宣传 are usually pejorative, but "public health propaganda" and "gōnggòng wèishēng xuānchuán" 公共宣传 are not.
Institute of Mental Health (Singapore) The Institute of Mental Health (Abbreviation: IMH; Chinese: 心理学院) has a long tradition of care for psychiatric patients. In 2006, the Woodbridge Hospital compound, part of IMH, was marked as Singapore's 83rd historic site by the National Heritage Board due to its history as Singapore's first mental institution.
The Story of Billy The lead single "Don't Wanna Wake Up (不想醒來)" debuted at the ninth position on the 623rd edition of Global Chinese Music Chart (華語歌曲排行榜) and topped the chart for one week on the 625th edition. The song debuted at number eight on the 137th edition of Global Chinese Golden Chart (流行音樂金榜) and reached its highest position at number three on the 140th and 141st editions of the chart.