Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization

Start Date: 05/31/2020

Course Type: Specialization Course

Course Link: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/excel-mysql

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Formulate data questions, explore and visualize large datasets, and inform strategic decisions. In this Specialization, you’ll learn to frame business challenges as data questions. You’ll use powerful tools and methods such as Excel, Tableau, and MySQL to analyze data, create forecasts and models, design visualizations, and communicate your insights. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll apply your skills to explore and justify improvements to a real-world business process. The Capstone Project focuses on optimizing revenues from residential property, and Airbnb, our Capstone’s official Sponsor, provided input on the project design. Airbnb is the world’s largest marketplace connecting property-owner hosts with travelers to facilitate short-term rental transactions. The top 10 Capstone completers each year will have the opportunity to present their work directly to senior data scientists at Airbnb live for feedback and discussion.

Course Syllabus

Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies
Mastering Data Analysis in Excel
Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau
Managing Big Data with MySQL

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Course Introduction

Turn Data Into Value. Drive business process change by identifying & analyzing key metrics in 4 industry-relevant courses. Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization In this course, we will explore the MySQL product, "Excel," through the "Analysis, Query, and Spreadsheet" (APSS) specializations. The focus will be on how to perform core business analysis and utilization of "Excel" functions within a data warehouse environment. We will examine the data warehouse schema and "Excel" query optimization. We will also cover tableau query optimization.Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four France – Immigration and Citizenship Welcome to France! In 1871, the King of France, Joseph XIV, issued a decree recognizing a special nation, France, as an "independent State". On August 4, 1830, King Louis XVIII granted citizenship to nearly 5,000 Huguenots, Jews, and Calvinists, many of them converts to the Church of England. Twenty years later, during the American Revolution, Louis XVIII was murdered by his son, the revolutionary leader, Jean Baptiste de Bourbon. Since then, France has been at the center of international controversy, both domestically and internationally, for the treatment of its various minorities. In this context, this course is designed to acquaint you with the basic tenets of French law, as well as to give you a better insight into the complex political, religious, and cultural history of the country. This course is organized in seven streams, each guided by a

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Analytic applications Analytic applications are a type of business application software, used to measure and improve the performance of business operations. More specifically, analytic applications are a type of business intelligence solution. As such they use collections of historical data about business operations to provide business users with information and tools that allow them to make improvements in business functions.
MySQL Many programming languages with language-specific APIs include libraries for accessing MySQL databases. These include MySQL Connector/Net for integration with Microsoft's Visual Studio (languages such as C# and VB are most commonly used) and the JDBC driver for Java. In addition, an ODBC interface called MySQL Connector/ODBC allows additional programming languages that support the ODBC interface to communicate with a MySQL database, such as ASP or ColdFusion. The HTSQL URL-based query method also ships with a MySQL adapter, allowing direct interaction between a MySQL database and any web client via structured URLs.
Algebraic geometry and analytic geometry In mathematics, algebraic geometry and analytic geometry are two closely related subjects. While algebraic geometry studies algebraic varieties, analytic geometry deals with complex manifolds and the more general analytic spaces defined locally by the vanishing of analytic functions of several complex variables. The deep relation between these subjects has numerous applications in which algebraic techniques are applied to analytic spaces and analytic techniques to algebraic varieties.
Analytic combinatorics In mathematics, analytic combinatorics is one of the many techniques of counting combinatorial objects. It uses the internal structure of the objects to derive formulas for their generating functions and then complex analysis techniques to get asymptotics. This particular theory was mostly developed by Philippe Flajolet,
MySQL In October 2005, Oracle Corporation acquired Innobase OY, the Finnish company that developed the third-party InnoDB storage engine that allows MySQL to provide such functionality as transactions and foreign keys. After the acquisition, an Oracle press release mentioned that the contracts that make the company's software available to MySQL AB would be due for renewal (and presumably renegotiation) some time in 2006. During the MySQL Users Conference in April 2006, MySQL issued a press release that confirmed that MySQL and Innobase OY agreed to a "multi-year" extension of their licensing agreement.
Structured Geospatial Analytic Method It is often difficult for an analyst to determine the next step in an analytic process or to conceptualize how various techniques and tools fit together. The SGAM provides the means to relate the analytical step to the appropriate Structured Analytic Technique (SAT) and then to the appropriate geospatial operation. The below table summarizes this mapping:
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel Viewer is a freeware program for viewing and printing spreadsheet documents created by Excel. Excel Viewer is similar to Microsoft Word Viewer in functionality. (There is not a current version for the Mac.) Excel Viewer is available for Microsoft Windows and Windows CE handheld PCs, such as the NEC MobilePro. It is also possible to open excel files using certain online tools and services. Online excel viewers do not require users to have Microsoft Excel installed.
MySQL In February 2006, Oracle Corporation acquired Sleepycat Software, makers of the Berkeley DB, a database engine providing the basis for another MySQL storage engine. This had little effect, as Berkeley DB was not widely used, and was dropped (due to lack of use) in MySQL 5.1.12, a pre-GA release of MySQL 5.1 released in October 2006.
MySQL Workbench MySQL Workbench 5.0 and 5.1 are specialized visual database design tools for the MySQL database. While MySQL Workbench 5.0 was a MS Windows-only product, cross-platform support was added to MySQL Workbench 5.1 and later.
MySQL Cluster MySQL Cluster version numbers are no longer tied to that of MySQL Server - for example, the most recent version is MySQL Cluster 7.4 even though it is based on/contains the server component from MySQL 5.6.
MySQL MySQL Fabric is an integrated system for managing a collection of MySQL servers, and a framework on top of which high availability and database sharding is built. MySQL Fabric is open-source, and supports procedure execution in the presence of failure, providing an execution model usually called "resilient execution." MySQL client libraries are extended so they are hiding the complexities of handling failover in the event of a server failure, as well as correctly dispatching transactions to the shards.
MySQL MySQL can also be run on cloud computing platforms such as Amazon EC2. Some common deployment models for MySQL on the cloud are:
MySQL In January 2008, Sun Microsystems bought MySQL for $1 billion.
MySQL Workbench In late 2003, Zinner was approached by representatives from MySQL AB and joined the company to take over the development of graphical user interface (GUI) tools for MySQL. This led to the creation of the MySQL GUI Tools Bundle.
MySQL Cluster MySQL Cluster is a technology providing shared-nothing clustering and auto-sharding for the MySQL database management system. It is designed to provide high availability and high throughput with low latency, while allowing for near linear scalability. MySQL Cluster is implemented through the NDB or NDBCLUSTER storage engine for MySQL ("NDB" stands for Network Database).
Analytic confidence Analytic confidence is a rating employed by intelligence analysts to convey doubt to decision makers about a statement of estimative probability. The need for analytic confidence ratings arise from analysts' imperfect knowledge of a conceptual model. An analytic confidence rating pairs with a statement using a word of estimative probability to form a complete analytic statement. Scientific methods for determining analytic confidence remain in infancy.
Excel Engineering College Excel Engineering College (EEC) is established in 2007 at Pallakkapalayam, Komarapalayam, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India. It is affiliated to Anna University. It is a part of Excel Group Institutions which comprises Excel College of Technology, Excel College of Engineering and Technology, Excel Polytechnic College, Excel Business School and Excel College of Education.
MySQL Archive MySQL Archive is a storage engine for the MySQL relational database management system. Users can use this analytic storage engine to create a table that is “archive” only. Data cannot be deleted from this table, only added. The Archive engine uses a compression strategy based on the zlib library and it packs the rows using a bit header to represent nulls and removes all whitespace for character type fields. When completed, the row is inserted into the compression buffer and flushed to disk by an explicit flush table, a read, or the closing of the table.
Microsoft Excel The "XML Spreadsheet" format introduced in Excel 2002 is a simple, XML based format missing some more advanced features like storage of VBA macros. Though the intended file extension for this format is ".xml", the program also correctly handles XML files with ".xls" extension. This feature is widely used by third-party applications (e.g. "MySQL Query Browser") to offer "export to Excel" capabilities without implementing binary file format. The following example will be correctly opened by Excel if saved either as "Book1.xml" or "Book1.xls":
MySQL In April 2009, Oracle Corporation entered into an agreement to purchase Sun Microsystems, then owners of MySQL copyright and trademark. Sun's board of directors unanimously approved the deal. It was also approved by Sun's shareholders, and by the U.S. government on 20 August 2009. On 14 December 2009, Oracle pledged to continue to enhance MySQL as it had done for the previous four years.