Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense Specialization

Start Date: 02/23/2020

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This Specialization will help you switch from a top-down leadership, with the emphasis on authority, to an open leadership based on trust and sense. This new approach of leadership, taught to HEC MBA’s student and top executives, encourages relationships between people in spite of their differences of opinion and enables better team leadership. The Savoir-Relier protocol is based on more than 25 years of research and practice. It has been implemented with positive impact on individual and teams in companies like Apple, L'Oréal, LVMH, Sanofi or Pernod Ricard for example. Just as them, as an executive, manager or individual, you will practice the Savoir-Relier method and discover that when done with courage, empathy, humility and resilience, it stimulates creative initiatives, and creates meaning to foster action and results. It will help you to overcome difficult situations with resilience and navigate complex systems. You will explore your own leadership style through conversations with your peers, and acquire the necessary self-confidence to make good decisions based on the opinions and ideas of others, even if they are contradictory You will also hear perspectives on leadership from outstanding leaders such as an Olympic athlete, business executives, and other distinguished guest speakers. In the final Capstone Project, you will apply the skills you have grown and the models you have learned to address and overcome a personal leadership challenge.

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Building Your Leadership Skills
Giving Sense to Your Leadership Experience
Leading Organizations
CAPSTONE: Your Leadership Challenge

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Shape Your Life With Leadership. Become a better leader, manager, colleague, parent, or friend in three courses. Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense Specialization This specialization, in conjunction with the Capstone project in Inspirational Leadership, is designed to help you apply the skills you learned in the nine courses and become familiar with a more advanced sense of direction and motivation that you will need. Specifically, you’ll study self-awareness, critical self-management, interpersonal and team communication, planning, delegation, conflict management, and leadership. You’ll also improve your ability to see outside the box and recognize opportunities to learn from others. Finally, you will develop a greater sense of perspective and perspective needed to take your leadership and inspirational leadership development to the next level. To succeed in this capstone project, you must be successful in all of the courses of the Inspirational Leadership Specialization. In the capstone, you will create a plan to leverage strengths and explore opportunities within your own context to create a more meaningful and meaningful life for others. You will use these opportunities to create a better sense of purpose and perspective needed in your life. This course is part of the partner program between the University of Colorado (USA) and Phoenix Leadership Institute (USA). The Capstone project is a joint effort of the University of Colorado (USA) and Phoenix Leadership Institute (USA). Leadership teams from across the world will come together to ask meaningful questions of one another and reflect on past successes and failures. The Capstone team with the most experience in the given area will write the plan, which will be shared

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Confidence Communication Leadership Strategic Hr Leadership

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Inspirational fiction Another category that is sometimes associated with "inspirational fiction" is "gentle fiction." Although by no means can all inspirational fiction titles be considered in this category, the majority of "Christian inspirational fiction" or "faith-based inspirational fiction" might at one time have fit. However, as one library instructor puts it, "In the last two decades the genre has expanded beyond the gentle read to follow the reading interests of the general public," to include titles that might be called "edgy inspirational fiction."
Inspirational fiction Some American authors, like Mitch Albom, have built strong reputations on books like "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" and "For One More Day", which are marketed as inspirational fiction; and others, like "Tuesdays With Morrie" and "Have a Little Faith", which are marketed more in the category of inspirational non-fiction, or the larger category of inspirational literature, or inspirational writing.
Transformational leadership In regards to transformational leadership, the first 5 components - Idealized Attributes, Idealized Behaviors, Inspirational Motivation, Intellectual Stimulation, and Individualized Consideration - are considered to be transformational leadership behaviors.
Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale Award for Inspirational Leadership The Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale Award for Inspirational Leadership is a United States Navy award established in 1980 by United States Secretary of the Navy Edward Hidalgo to honor the inspirational leadership of James Stockdale, a Medal of Honor recipient in the Vietnam War, who exhibited exemplary leadership while a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for nearly eight years. The award were first made in 1981.
Educational leadership Some United States university graduate masters and doctoral programs are organized with higher education and adult education programs as a part of an educational leadership department. In these cases, the entire department is charged with educating "educational leaders" with specific specialization areas such as university leadership, community college leadership, and community-based leadership (as well as school leadership). Masters of education are offered at a number of universities around the United States in traditional and online formats including the University of Texas at El Paso, University of Massachusetts, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Pepperdine University, Capella University, Northcentral University, and The University of Scranton. Some United States graduate programs with a tradition of graduate education in these areas of specialization have separate departments for them. The area of higher education may include areas such as student affairs leadership, academic affairs leadership, community college leadership, community college and university teaching, vocational, adult education and university administration, and educational wings of nongovernmental organizations.
Inspirational fiction For example, one library list of "inspirational fiction" books begins with the statement:
Inspirational fiction Inspirational fiction is a sub-category within "inspirational literature," or "inspirational writing," defined in various ways in the United States and other nations. More and more bookstores (including online booksellers, such as Amazon) and libraries consider inspirational fiction to be a separate genre, classifying and shelving books accordingly.
Transformational leadership The two main characteristics of extraverts are affiliation and agency, which relate to the social and leadership aspects of their personality, respectively. Extraversion is generally seen as an inspirational trait usually exhibited in transformational leadership.
Inspirational fiction Many books written by non-religious writers in other genres (including literary fiction, children's fiction, young adult fiction, and even science fiction) have begun to be classified as inspirational fiction. In fact,"The Readers Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction", published by the American Library Association, lists "inspirational" as a subgenre in every type of fiction it discusses, from westerns to thrillers, to romances. Inspirational Fiction could be broken down into these subgenres as well: Inspirational Romance Fiction, Inspirational Western Fiction, etc.
Specialization (pre)order For any sober space "X" with specialization order ≤, we have
Clore Leadership Programme Since it was first established, the Clore Leadership Programme has been a pioneer in leadership development, a source of expert advice and an inspirational example for other initiatives in the UK and beyond, including the Clore Social Leadership Programme.
Authentic leadership Because the concept itself is not yet fully mature in a theoretical sense, there are many different definitions of authentic leadership, each with its own nuances. However, consensus appears to be growing that authentic leadership includes these distinct qualities:
Inspirational fiction Janette Oke's writings are an example of inspirational fiction that would often also fit into the Christian fiction genre, and she has often been referred to as one of the earliest and most prolific of writers in this category. Her books often focus on individuals, very often pioneers in the early West, who must draw upon a sense and awareness of faith to overcome adversity. Although most often identified with Christian writing, her books reach both religious and non-religious readers.
Inspirational fiction While, as the above definition shows, "inspirational fiction" is a category and genre larger than religious writing, in the United States and Canada it is often used only to refer to "religious fiction," "faith-based fiction," or more narrowly (and perhaps most often), "Christian fiction". Some inspirational fiction is written to appeal to a general Christian audience, but more often in the United States "inspirational fiction" (and especially "inspirational romance") that can be classified as Christian is written for the Evangelical Protestant market. Although American literature has always been infused with religion, the popularity of Christian romance dates to the 1940s, as leaders of the Evangelical movement attempted to bring their faith into the mainstream both religiously and culturally. Some works of inspirational fiction have also been written to appeal to Roman Catholic or Orthodox Christian readers.
Interactive specialization According to the second, the Interactive Specialization (IS)
Inspirational fiction One library distinguishes between inspirational fiction and the smaller category of religious fiction by noting that "inspirational fiction is more broad based. Instead of dwelling on the religious aspects of faith, they emphasize morals, values and life lessons."
Transformational leadership Five major personality traits have been identified as factors contributing to the likelihood of an individual displaying the characteristics of a transformational leader. Different emphasis on different elements of these traits point to inclination in personality to inspirational leadership, transactional leadership, and transformational leadership. These five traits are as follows.
Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne is a talk show that airs weekly on MTV2 hosted by on-air personality Charlamagne Tha God. "Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne" features a panel of guests who discuss current events in politics and the media.
Inspirational fiction Libraries are increasingly recognizing and using the categories of inspirational writing and inspirational fiction. In the larger category of "inspirational writing," there are some books that easily and obviously fit, such as the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, clearly written for the purpose of providing anecdotes that provide inspiration to the readers. Finding a good definition for the subgenre of inspirational fiction is a little more difficult. However, while acknowledging that it is not a "rigorous category," many libraries do identify and list some works in such a category, using some working definitions to explain their choices.
Transformational leadership The evolution of transformational leadership in the digital age is tied to the development of organizational leadership in an academic setting. As organizations move from position-based responsibilities to task-based responsibilities, transformational leadership is redefined to continue to develop individual commitment to organizational goals by aligning these goals with the interests of their leadership community. The academic community is a front-runner in this sense of redefining transformational leadership to suit these changes in job definition.