Unity Certified 3D Artist Specialization

Start Date: 07/12/2020

Course Type: Specialization Course

Course Link: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/unity-3d-artist

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About Course

This is Unity’s official series of courses designed to prepare you for the Unity Certified 3D Artist exam, the certification for entry- to mid-level 3D artists who work with the Unity platform. This series of courses is for 3D Artists who have used Unity for real-time rendering for 1-2 years, and are ready to bring their existing skills up to a professional standard.

Course Syllabus

Asset Creation and Management
Lighting, Reflection, and Post Processing Effects
Integrating Scripts for Scene Interactions
Character Setup and Animation

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Course Introduction

Be a Unity Certified 3D Artist. Prepare to take the Unity Certified 3D Artist exam. Unity Certified 3D Artist Specialization This is a 3D art and animation specialisation for Unity enthusiasts and professional game artists. This course will teach you everything you need to get started as an 3D artist, from learning to work with asset sets and implementing art direction, to getting and applying basic art implementation. The specialisation is designed to help you reach your professional goals, while also providing the platform for you to apply what you have learned. The Specialisation is in no way a prerequisite for the College of Cardiothons degree. This specialisation is open to anyone who is passionate about 3D art and want to make it the best it can be for everyone’s projects. You don’t have to be a professional game artist, but you should have at least 2-3 years of experience implementing 3D art for video games. You will be able to apply what you have learned from the previous courses in this Specialisation. You will also be able to apply what you have learned about 3D art for film and television, and for other projects as well. To learn more about the courses in this Specialisation, please watch the overview video by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser: https://goo.gl/YM0cB. Note that the free version of this Specialisation gives you access to all of the instructional videos and handouts. The peer-reviewed final version gives you access to only the

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