Teach English Now! Technology Enriched Teaching

Start Date: 07/05/2020

Course Type: Common Course

Course Link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/tesol-technology

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About Course

This course focuses on the key concepts you need in order to effectively integrate technology into your teaching, without letting it overshadow language learning. Discover current and future trends in educational technology, along with strategies for implementing these trends in the classroom and beyond. As technology is continually evolving, learn how to keep up on current technological applications through professional development networks and training opportunities.

Course Syllabus

In this module, learners are introduced to a young teacher who is hesitant to incorporate technology into the classroom. On his journey, we will be introduced to reasons teachers avoid technology as well as suggestions for how to overcome some common technology difficulties. In particular, learners will be introduced to the concepts of alignment, learner control, and the importance of being outcomes driven.

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Course Introduction

Teach English Now! Technology Enriched Teaching This course is designed to help you, as a teacher or as a learner, learn about the major challenges that English faced in the past few centuries, and what you can do to help overcome them. The course will start with a consideration of the "language of the future" as it pertains to both pedagogical and technological challenges in English, and will conclude with an overview of major research that has been conducted to improve teaching and learning in English. The course will focus on the history and development of English as a global language, with an emphasis on the role of English in bringing about peace, prosperity, and social change. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to: 1. Describe the major challenges and areas of focus for teachers in English language 2. Identify key research in English language history and pedagogy that has had an influence on English language development 3. Apply the major research in English language pedagogy for English language learning 4. Use English as a global language in teaching and learning 5. Identify issues teachers have had a tendency to over-complicate linguistic instruction 6. Outline specific topics for English language instruction 7. Evaluate pedagogical issues in English and instructional designUnderstand and Improve English Develop a Course Teaching and Learning English The Language of Peace The Science of Well-Being �

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Teaching English as a second language The teaching profession has historically used different names for these two teaching situations; however, the more generic term teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) is increasingly used to describe the profession. Both native speakers and non-native speakers successfully train to be English language teachers. In order to teach English as a Second Language to English Language Learners, or ELL's, one must pass a written and oral test in English to demonstrate proficiency.
Cambridge English Teaching Framework The Cambridge English Teaching Framework provides teachers with an overarching view of which Cambridge English Teaching Courses, Qualifications and resources correspond to each stage of a teacher’s development.
Travel to Teach Travel to Teach is a not-for-profit organization that provides volunteers with opportunities to work and teach abroad. The organization was founded in 2002 by Kerstin Ahlzen as an English teaching program in the town of Nong Khai in Isan, Thailand and has had several thousands of young travelers volunteering to teach English ever since. Teaching English as a foreign language is a main focus of Travel to Teach, however their projects have since expanded to include human rights work, environmental protection, medical training and community development in several other countries around the world.
Teach First Teach First has not been established in Scotland, in 2013 the charity met with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (the independent body for teaching in Scotland) but was told the recruits would not be permitted to teach in Scottish schools, as the General Council will only allow those already holding teaching certificates to teach. The Educational Institute of Scotland opposed the expansion of Teach First into the country with "The Herald" describing Teach First as controversial.
Please Teach Me English Please Teach Me English (; lit. "The Complete Mastering of English") is a 2003 South Korean comedy about a young woman who begins English lessons after she is unable to help a foreigner at her government office.
Seiha English Academy Native-English speaking teachers co-teach in tandem with native-Japanese teachers. Seiha's curriculum includes Total Physical Response-style teaching.
Cambridge English Teaching Framework The Cambridge English Teaching Framework was designed to encapsulate the key knowledge and skills needed for effective teaching at different levels and in different contexts, and to show how Cambridge English Teaching Courses, Qualifications and professional development resources map to this core syllabus of competencies.
Teach First Teach First expanded from recruiting for secondary school teaching into recruiting primary teachers in 2011.
Teach First Teach First asks for the graduates it recruits to give two years of teaching, and so retention rates for Teach First are lower than other routes into teaching, forty percent of Teach First participants stay in teaching after 5 years compared to much higher percentages (ranging from 62-70%) coming through PGCE and GTP programmes. It is anticipated and accepted that many of them will go on to careers in other sectors (hence the name, Teach First), also described as "teach first, then get a better job". The higher turnover rate and rapidly increasing cohort size of Teach First has been alleged as allowing schools to reduce their costs by employing teaching staff at unqualified teacher pay scales, it has been alleged that Teach First has been targeted by some academy school chains because of this.
Cambridge English Teaching Framework The Cambridge English Teaching Framework is a professional development framework, designed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, which is used by English language teachers to self-assess and plan their own development.
National Association for the Teaching of English "Teaching English" is NATE's magazine aimed at primary and secondary teachers of English. The magazine contains: articles on practical teaching strategies and resources; articles on trends in English teaching and research; news pages, opinion pieces and columns; and book reviews relevant to English teachers. "Teaching English" was first published in 2013.
Teaching English as a foreign language The Peace Corps has 136 volunteers in Mongolia, many of whom are English teachers mostly teaching in the vast rural areas, where the population density is low. In Ulaanbaatar, a modest number of professional NETs teach at private institutes, universities, and some schools. In addition to foreign instructors from the major English-speaking countries, there are Filipinos teaching in Mongolian schools, institutes and large industrial or mining companies.
Cambridge English Teaching Framework The development of the Cambridge English Teaching Framework was also informed by Cambridge English Language Assessment’s experience of developing teaching qualifications such as CELTA, Delta, "ICELT" and TKT. Data from teacher assessments, carried out as part of those qualifications, provided information about classroom practice and the processes that teachers use when planning and reflecting on their teaching, at different stages of their careers and in different contexts around the world. This evidence was used in designing the teaching framework, alongside an expert review of the "CELTA", "Delta" and "ICELT" syllabuses and teaching education literature.
Enriched category An enriched functor is the appropriate generalization of the notion of a functor to enriched categories. Enriched functors are then maps between enriched categories which respect the enriched structure.
Enriched uranium Gaseous diffusion is a technology used to produce enriched uranium by forcing gaseous uranium hexafluoride ("hex") through semi-permeable membranes. This produces a slight separation between the molecules containing U and U. Throughout the Cold War, gaseous diffusion played a major role as a uranium enrichment technique, and as of 2008 accounted for about 33% of enriched uranium production, but in 2011 was deemed an obsolete technology that is steadily being replaced by the later generations of technology as the diffusion plants reach their ends-of-life. In 2013, the Paducah facility in the US ceased operating, it was the last commercial U gaseous diffusion plant in the world.
Teaching English as a foreign language Teaching English in Hong Kong has become quite a business. Many English teaching institutions have since opened. Big private names include Headstart Group Limited and English for Asia. Native English speakers may quickly find a job teaching English, although foreigners should be aware of shady companies who often pull tricks on their employees.
Cambridge English Teaching Framework In addition to these teaching qualifications, Cambridge University Press English Language Teaching (ELT) was consulted during the development of the framework, and their teaching methodology books and materials are being mapped to the framework to aid teachers in their development. The content on the online professional membership, Cambridge English Teacher, is also mapped to the stages and categories of the framework, so that teachers who know where they are on the teaching framework can easily find relevant courses and resources for each framework stage and category.
Teach First Teach First launched a new campaign in October 2015 which focuses less on the social reward aspects of teaching and more on the challenge of a teaching career, following research by the Behavioural Insights Team.
Teaching English as a second language In contrast, teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) refers to teaching English to students whose first language is not English, usually in a region where English is "not" the dominant language and natural English language immersion situations are apt to be "few". TEFL teaching is considered to be more accessible to teachers with less experience. These teaching jobs are also more prone to exploitation with few companies helping to fight against systemic abuses.
The Tongue Tongue graduated from his Masters Of Teaching degree in 2014 and is now qualified to teach English and Geography in high schools. He is now teaching at Sydney Boys High School (2016), teaching English and Values Education. He also coaches basketball there. Il.