America's Unwritten Constitution

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An introduction to basic techniques of constitutional interpretation.

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Hello everyone and welcome to America’s Unwritten Constitution! This course is designed to teach you some of the basic tool and techniques for constitutional interpretation. Over the next 13 modules, Professor Akhil Amar will teach you how to go beyond the text of the U.S. Constitution, while still remaining faithful to it. Please, take some time to watch the two introductory videos and read through some of the course information below. Enjoy!

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America's Unwritten Constitution: A History This course presents the history of the United States Constitution, through the years 1789, 1799, 1800, and 1805. It traces the origin of the Constitution, and its evolution. The course begins with a description of the political and religious views of George Washington, and ends with Thomas Jefferson's and James Madison's efforts to craft a constitution. A prologue to the Constitution provides an overview of the process of framing the U.S. Constitution. The next two centuries were filled with disputes, and the results of these disputes helped shape the structure of the Constitution. The course then explores the process by which political and religious power were fashioned, and ends with a description of the process by which religious and state power were created, and continues with Jefferson's and Madison's views on the role of religion in governing. The course then explores the process by which religious and state power were created, and Jefferson's and Madison's views on the role of religion in governing. A description of the process by which religious and state power were created, and Jefferson's and Madison's views on the role of religion in governing, concludes the course.America's First President, George Washington, and the Beginnings of Religious Liberty Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Jefferson and Madison in Conflict Jefferson and Madison's Views on the Role of Religion in Government Algorithms on Strings This is the second course in

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Constitution The terms "written constitution" and "codified constitution" are often used interchangeably, as are "unwritten constitution" and "uncodified constitution", although this usage is technically inaccurate. A codified constitution is a written constitution contained in a single document, states that do not have such a document have uncodified constitutions but not entirely unwritten constitutions since much of an uncodified constitution is usually written in laws, such as the Basic Laws of Israel or the Parliament Acts of the United Kingdom.
Constitution of Canada The existence of an unwritten constitution was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in "Reference re Secession of Quebec".
Constitution of the United Kingdom The UK does not have one specific constitutional document. Instead the constitution is found within a variety of written and some unwritten sources. This is sometimes referred to as an "unwritten" or uncodified constitution. The British constitution primarily draws from four sources: statute law (laws passed by the legislature), common law (laws established through court judgments), parliamentary conventions, and works of authority.
Constitution A fundamental classification is codification or lack of codification. A codified constitution is one that is contained in a single document, which is the single source of constitutional law in a state. An uncodified constitution is one that is not contained in a single document, consisting of several different sources, which may be written or unwritten; see constitutional convention.
Constitution The Constitution of Canada came into force on July 1, 1867 as the British North America Act, an act of the British Parliament. Over a century later, the BNA Act was patriated to the Canadian Parliament and augmented with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Apart from the "Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982", Canada's constitution also has unwritten elements based in common law and convention.
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Constitution Some constitutions are largely, but not wholly, codified. For example, in the Constitution of Australia, most of its fundamental political principles and regulations concerning the relationship between branches of government, and concerning the government and the individual are codified in a single document, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia. However, the presence of statutes with constitutional significance, namely the Statute of Westminster, as adopted by the Commonwealth in the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942, and the Australia Act 1986 means that Australia's constitution is not contained in a single constitutional document. It means the Constitution of Australia is uncodified, it also contain constitutional conventions, thus is partially unwritten.
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Constitution In constitutions that are not entrenched, no special procedure is required for modification. Lack of entrenchment is a characteristic of uncodified constitutions; the constitution is not recognised with any higher legal status than ordinary statutes. In the UK, for example laws which modify written or unwritten provisions of the constitution are passed on a simple majority in Parliament. No special "constitutional amendment" procedure is required. The principle of parliamentary sovereignty holds that no sovereign parliament may be bound by the acts of its predecessors; and there is no higher authority that can create law which binds Parliament. The sovereign is nominally the head of state with important powers, such as the power to declare war; the uncodified and unwritten constitution removes all these powers in practice.
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Roman Constitution The Roman Constitution was an uncodified set of guidelines and principles passed down mainly through precedent. The Roman constitution was not formal or even official, largely unwritten and constantly evolving. Having those characteristics, it was therefore more like the British common law system than a statutory law system like the written United States Constitution, even though the constitution's evolution through the years was often directed by passage of new laws and repeal of older ones.
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Uncodified constitution An uncodified constitution is a type of constitution where the fundamental rules often take the form of customs, usage, precedent and a variety of statutes and legal instruments. An understanding of the constitution is obtained through reading commentary by the judiciary, government committees or legal experts. In such a constitutional system, all these elements may be (or may not be) recognized by courts, legislators and the bureaucracy as binding upon government and limiting its powers. Such a framework is sometimes imprecisely called an "unwritten constitution"; however, all the elements of an uncodified constitution are typically written down in a variety of official documents, though not codified in a single document.
Constitution of the Roman Republic The constitution of the Roman Republic was a set of guidelines and principles by which the Roman Republic was governed. The constitution evolved over time and was largely unwritten and uncodified, being passed down mainly through precedent. Nevertheless, the constitution was also shaped by the body of written Roman law.
Unwritten (House) "Unwritten" is the third episode of the seventh season of the American medical drama "House". It originally aired on October 4, 2010.
Constitution of Hungary Following the advent of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, the Revolutionary Governing Council adopted a Provisional Constitution on 2 April 1919, providing for a Soviet-style political system. On 23 June, the National Assembly of Allied Councils adopted Hungary's first charter-like constitution, the Constitution of the Socialist Allied Council Republic of Hungary. However, that regime was crushed two months later and Hungary returned to its historical, unwritten pre-1918 constitution.
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