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Entre Um Coco e Um Adeus Entre Um Coco e Um Adeus is Adelaide Ferreira's first album.
Killer List of Videogames This text list became “Coin-Ops A Poppin' - Killer List of Videogames" in 1991. Its first known maintainer was Mike Hughey, and its second, Jeff Hansen.
Play, The Videogames World Displayed on 1300 square meters, it showed over 300 videogames starting from the 1961 Space War to the latest hits for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube.
VideoGames & Computer Entertainment The magazine was renamed into "VideoGames - The Ultimate Gaming Magazine" starting with the September 1993 issue and dropped computer game coverage.
Arte Since 2008 ARTE broadcasts in HD in Germany and in France. Like the national channels of its own respective countries, the German HDTVversion of ARTE broadcasts in 720p50, while the French one broadcasts in 1080i25. In April 2016 ARTE co-produced (with Astra satellite owner, SES) a live Ultra-high-definition television broadcast of the Le Corsaire ballet from the Vienna State Opera. The programme was transmitted free-to-air on the UHD1 demonstration channel from the Astra 19.2°E satellites.
Arte ARTE France was formerly known as La Sept. ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH is a subsidiary of the two main public German TV networks ARD and ZDF.
Killer List of Videogames The site features a "Machine of the Moment" and maintains a list of "The Top 100 Videogames". The site also hosts message boards where collectors and fans can ask questions and get answers from experts, and buy or sell arcade games and parts. It also publishes news related to arcade games.
Killer List of Videogames Long before the KLOV offered the full video-game encyclopedia and related products and services it does today, arcade enthusiasts gathered on modem-based dial-up bulletin board systems and CompuServe forums. It was during this era in the mid-1980s that a master list of coin-operated videogames was slowly built by these enthusiasts.
Entre ae a Razão Entre ae a Razão is the four studio album by Trazendo a Arca, and the first released by Graça Music. This album had 40 000 copies sold.
Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um In the mid-1970s Major Lance remade "Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um" as a disco track: recorded in the UK, this version reached #59 R&B in 1974.
Arte Since 2005 ARTE broadcasts 24/7. In 2007 the catch-up service ARTE+7 is launched, offering internet users free access to a broad range of programs within seven days of their original transmission.
Arte Online ARTE programmes can be streamed live or watched on catch-up TV for at least 7 and up to 700 days on ARTE+7 and the theme platforms ARTE Concert, Creative, Info, Future or Cinema.
Killer List of Videogames The Killer List of Videogames (KLOV) is a website featuring an online encyclopedia devoted to cataloging arcade games past and present. It is the video game department of the International Arcade Museum, and has been referred to as "the IMDb for players".
Arte 80% of ARTE's programming are provided in equal proportion by the two member companies ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland while the remainder is being provided by ARTE GEIE and the channel's European partners.
Complexo - Universo Paralelo Complexo - Universo Paralelo is a 2011 Portuguese documentary film about life in the most dangerous favela in Rio de Janeiro, Complexo do Alemão, directed by Mário Patrocínio.
Arte ARTE (Association relative à la télévision européenne) is a public Franco-German TV network, a European channel, that promotes programming in the areas of culture and the arts. It is made up of three separate companies: the Strasbourg-based European Economic Interest Grouping ARTE GEIE, plus two member companies acting as editorial and programme production centres, ARTE France in Paris (France) and ARTE Deutschland in Baden-Baden (Germany). As an international joint venture (an EEIG), its programmes cater technically to audiences from both France and Germany. This implies double-titling, opposite-language subtitling, dubbing, hosts who speak both languages alternately, and two separate audio tracks (through DVB-T, satellite television and digital cable).
A Grande Arte A Grande Arte (in English, "The Great Art"; US title: Exposure), is a 1991 Brazilian movie directed by Walter Salles Jr. and starring Peter Coyote. Loosely based on the book "A Grande Arte" by Brazilian Rubem Fonseca, it is one of the first theatrical works of Salles Jr. The cast includes Brazilian and international stars such as Coyote, Tchéky Karyo and Miguel Angel Fuentes.
A Arte de Amar Bem A Arte de Amar Bem (also known as A Arte de Amar... Bem) it is a Brazilian comedy film released in 1970, in three episodes, directed by Fernando de Barros.
Poder Paralelo Poder Paralelo () is a Brazilian telenovela produced by Rede Record that premiered on April 14, 2009. Written by Lauro César Muniz and directed by Ignácio Coqueiro, it will portray a corruption scheme involving an Italian-Brazilian family. Prior to Record's official announcement, the media was referring to the telenovela by its working title "Vendetta". It ran for one season.
Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um "Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um" is a song, written by Curtis Mayfield. The first recording to be released was by Major Lance, as a single in December 1963, produced by Okeh label president Carl Davis. The song was Major Lance's third release to make the "Billboard" Hot 100 and his most successful hit with a #5 peak on the "Billboard" Hot 100 on 8 February 1964 with a #1 peak on the "Cash Box" R&B chart ("Billboard" did not run an R&B chart November 1963-January 1965). In the UK it reached #40, Lance's only UK chart appearance. The song would become a major UK hit in the autumn of 1964 via a rendition by Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders which reached #5. A French rendering entitled "Hum, hum, hum" had been recorded by Frank Alamo and charted in France in early 1965 with a chart peak of #6.