宇宙之旅:展现生命 (Journey of the Universe: The Unfolding of Life)

Start Date: 07/05/2020

Course Type: Common Course

Course Link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/yuzhou-zhi-lu

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关于这门课程:宇宙之旅是由不断进步的科学发现和人文科学交织组成的,历史、哲学、艺术、宗教统统都含括在内。这门课以艾美奖获奖影片-宇宙之旅,以及耶鲁大学出版社出版的课本作为主要教材。 旅程探索了宇宙的进化,这些进化就像是一套建立在关联、独立和进化之上的奇妙过程。它带我们重新审视星系、地球、生命和人类社会之间的动态交互。它探索了我们了解进化的过程以及对人类和生态环境的启示。 因此,这门旅行课程是自然科学和人文科学的融合。这趟旅行是以一种史诗旁白的形式进行推进的,而不是讲述一系列遵从自然科学的事实。这会改变我们的认知并让我们可以将自身带入到旁白之中。通过这种代入感,我们可以更好的理解这一系列过程的复杂性和美感,例如自组织演化、自然选择、进化、协作、协同进化。当我们发现了解了了这些错综复杂的进化过程之后,我们突然发现到我们所生活的地球正处在其自身历史上的重要转折点,纷繁复杂却又美轮美奂。

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关于这门课程:宇宙之旅是由不断进步的科学发现和人文科学交织组成的,历史、哲学、艺术、宗教统统都含括在内。这门课以艾美奖获奖影片-宇宙之旅,以及耶鲁大学出版社出版的课本作为主要教材。 旅程探索了宇宙的

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Journey to the Edge of the Universe Journey to the Edge of the Universe is a documentary film broadcast on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. It documents a space journey from Earth to the edge of the universe itself. The US edition was narrated by Alec Baldwin and the UK edition by Sean Pertwee.
Hindu cycle of the universe The birth of the universe (Brahma) is followed by the life of the universe (Vishnu) and the destruction of the universe (Shankar) Or (Mahesh).
Shape of the universe There is a distinction between the observable universe and the global universe. The observable universe consists of the part of the universe that can, in principle, be observed due to the finite speed of light and the age of the universe. The observable universe is understood as a sphere around the Earth with a diameter of and would be similar at any observing point (assuming the universe is indeed isotropic, as it appears to be from our vantage point).
Chronology of the universe The chronology of the universe describes the history and future of the universe according to Big Bang cosmology.
Shape of the universe In the absence of dark energy, a flat universe expands forever but at a continually decelerating rate, with expansion asymptotically approaching zero. With dark energy, the expansion rate of the universe initially slows down, due to the effect of gravity, but eventually increases. The ultimate fate of the universe is the same as that of an open universe.
Champion of the Universe The Champion of the Universe was with the other Elders of the Universe during Thanos' meeting with them. Thanos caused the supposed deaths of those present.
The Price of Growing Up The Price of Growing Up () is a TVB television series, premiered in 1987. Theme song "The Infinite Journey" (無限程) composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyrics by Wong Jim, sung by Kenny Bee, and the sub theme song "Still My Heart Was Thinking About You" (仍然心在想你) composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyrics by Wong Jim, sung by Kenny Bee and Cally Kwong.
Thermodynamics of the universe where in the last equality we used the fact that the total volume of the universe is proportional to formula_8, formula_9 being the scale factor of the universe.
Guardians of the Universe The Guardians evolved on the planet Maltus, and were among the first intelligent life forms in the universe. At this time they were tall greyish blue humanoids with black hair, who roughly resembled humans except for their skin color. They became scientists and thinkers, experimenting on the worlds around them. One experiment led to the creation of a new species, the Psions. In a pivotal moment, billions of years ago, a Maltusian named Krona used time-bending technology to observe the beginning of the Universe. However, this experiment, and later attempts to stop it, unleashed disaster upon all existence. Originally, the experiment splintered the Universe into the Multiverse and created the evil Anti-Matter Universe of Qward. Following the retroactive destruction of the Multiverse, it was revealed that Krona flooded the beginning of the Universe with entropy causing it "to be born old".
Masters of the Universe In 1985 Mattel attempted to broaden the success of Masters of the Universe, by releasing a line of toys aimed at girls. Many of the Princess of Power characters would eventually be incorporated into Masters of the Universe Classics.
Ring of Life The Ring of Life (simplified chinese: 环; pinyin: shēngmìng zhī huán) is a 515-foot (approximately 157 meters) landmark built in the city of Fushun, China.
Age of the universe In physical cosmology, the age of the universe is the time elapsed since the Big Bang. The current measurement of the age of the universe is billion (10) years within the Lambda-CDM concordance model. The uncertainty of 21 million years has been obtained by the agreement of a number of scientific research projects, such as microwave background radiation measurements by the Planck satellite, the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and other probes. Measurements of the cosmic background radiation give the cooling time of the universe since the Big Bang, and measurements of the expansion rate of the universe can be used to calculate its approximate age by extrapolating backwards in time.
Shape of the universe The geometry of the universe is usually represented in the system of comoving coordinates, according to which the expansion of the universe can be ignored. Comoving coordinates form a single frame of reference according to which the universe has a static geometry of three spatial dimensions.
Age of the universe The first scientific theories indicating that the age of the universe might be finite were the studies of thermodynamics, formalized in the mid-19th century. The concept of entropy dictates that if the universe (or any other closed system) were infinitely old, then everything inside would be at the same temperature, and thus there would be no stars and no life. No scientific explanation for this contradiction was put forth at the time.
Shape of the universe According to the book "Our Mathematical Universe", the shape of the global universe can be explained with three categories:
Shape of the universe If the observable universe encompasses the entire universe, we may be able to determine the global structure of the entire universe by observation. However, if the observable universe is smaller than the entire universe, our observations will be limited to only a part of the whole, and we may not be able to determine its global geometry through measurement. From experiments, it is possible to construct different mathematical models of the global geometry of the entire universe all of which are consistent with current observational data and so it is currently unknown whether the observable universe is identical to the global universe or it is instead many orders of magnitude smaller than it. The universe may be small in some dimensions and not in others (analogous to the way a cuboid is longer in the dimension of length than it is in the dimensions of width and depth). To test whether a given mathematical model describes the universe accurately, scientists look for the model's novel implications—what are some phenomena in the universe that we have not yet observed, but that must exist if the model is correct—and they devise experiments to test whether those phenomena occur or not. For example, if the universe is a small closed loop, one would expect to see multiple images of an object in the sky, although not necessarily images of the same age.
Shape of the universe The shape of the universe is the local and global geometry of the Universe, in terms of both curvature and topology (though, strictly speaking, the concept goes beyond both). The shape of the universe is related to general relativity which describes how spacetime is curved and bent by mass and energy.
The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe Because of an intentional misspelling in the movie the film is also known as "The Search for Signs of Inteligent Life in the Universe".
Guardians of the Universe The Guardians of the Universe are the founders and leaders of the interstellar law enforcement agency known as the Green Lantern Corps, which they administer from their homeworld Oa at the center of the Universe. They resemble short humans with blue skin and white hair. They are immortal and the oldest living beings in the Universe, but not the first.
The Trials of Life A study in animal behaviour, it was the third in a trilogy of major series (beginning with "Life on Earth") that took a broad overview of nature, rather than the more specialised surveys of Attenborough's later productions. Each of the twelve 50-minute episodes features a different aspect of the journey through life, from birth to adulthood and continuation of the species through reproduction.